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End to End Data and AI Centric Solutions


Today it is very important to apply best data management practices to get real and on-time insights. We provide the required best of breed data management services on Data collection and Integration, Real time data streaming, ETL, ELT, data modelling, relational database management, Datawarehouse services, big data and data lake services, business intelligence. We also focus on the cost/benefit dimension to provide tailored solutions for our clients.


DATAMIND International provides full stack of services to apply Data Governance within your organization which allows you to manage the lifecycle of data and have the entire picture of your data platform. Our services include data model development, glossary development, defining private data, discovering data, data profiling, quality management and business consultancy on organizational structure and a stewardship mechanism to support data governance in the organization. Read more..


DATAMIND International Big Data and Analytics Solutions enables organizations to harness their available information with predictive analytics by providing new ways to blend traditional information with big data. Our solution help customers to quickly analyze and act upon data while it’s still moving as well as new types of analytic techniques and smarter visualizations to ensure that you can capitalize on the unique characteristics of big data. Read more..


The amount of data that exists is growing at a rapid rate, doubling every two years, and changing the way we live. In Datamind we use advanced Artificial intelligence to enable our customers work smarter and faster. We provide solutions to find insights and patterns in large datasets at scale and at speed and automate the learning to enable continuous improvement and unlocks possibly unlimited performance potential. Read more..


Even with the best of breed technology, it will be impossible to demonstrate the value unless you provide a user-friendly visualization platform. Our solutions enable you visualize, analyse and share actionable insights about your data with anyone in your organization by providing tailored solution. Our experts have experience on Cognos, PowerBI, Oracle BI, Tablaeu, Kibana, SPSS, SAS, Anaconda and more. Read more..


Today’s IT World needs speed and agility. Datamind build best of breed solution to enable companies to have a modular and quick to implement data and analytics platform.Our Data Platform, a unified container platform built on open source Kubernetes and designed for both cloud-native applications and non-cloud-native applications running on any infrastructure either on-premises, in multiple public clouds, in a hybrid model, or at the edge. Read more..

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PAY as you GO

If you are looking for a flexible way to get support on Analytics and Data, you can engage our experienced team members when, where and as much as you need them. Receive skilled services and pay only for the exact amount of time and resources used at the end of the month.

Data and AI As a Service

DATAMIND offers fully managed End to End Data and AI aaS, that helps customers who wants to be more agile and scalable without investing on technology and spending resources and training.

End to End Technology and Solution Implementation

Do you consider building a data analytics solution in your company, but lack needed experience and resources? DATAMIND is ready to implement it for you best practices to ensure a smoothly functioning data science solution that suits your business needs.


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