We are a data engineering, analytics and AI company that provides data-driven solutions to help customers reveal the potential of their digital data and traditional data sources.

With deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, we deliver award winning solutions to leading multinational and local brands as well as Turkish government departments covering health, transport, infrastructure and social security.

We are proud to say that during 15+ years in data engineering and analytics, we have been recognized and trusted not only by our partners like IBM but also by our clients. We work with many of our clients time and time again – demonstrating our value, our commitment to deliver results that exceeds expectations and our professional but custom tailored services approach.


Our Management Team

We are a team of data scientists and data engineers, focused exclusively on data driven projects

Hakan Tarhan General Manager Hakan is an experienced leader and has been running DATAMIND for 15 years as founder and general manager. He makes major corporate decisions, creates long-term strategies for the company and manages the overall operations and resources. Apart from DATAMIND Hakan also acts as Vice President of (TOBB) Young Entrepreneur Board and an active member of Ankara Chamber of Commerce. Linkedin
Levent Efe Akman Chief Technology Officer Efe is leading DATAMIND's research and development projects and supporting different ongoing customer projects as a tought leader. He has 15 years of experience as a well recognized architect that worked with many different technologies including IBM. He worked as Country Analytics Leader in IBM Turkey before joining DATAMIND. Linkedin
Rakela Semoil UK Managing Director Rakela is based in UK and responsible from offshore business activities. She has vast amount of experience in AI and data science area for the last 17 years by working as and leading data scientists in banking sector and multi national companies like IBM, SAS and SPSS. She worked as Technical Sales and Services Manager in IBM Turkey before joining DATAMIND. Linkedin

Our Recent Awards and Recognitions

During 15 years in data analytics, we were deemed worthy of many awards as an indicator of the success of our works.

IBM Turkey Partner Network Outstanding Analytics Solution Partner of the Year 2018
IBM Turkey Partner Network Best Cloud Analytics Partner of the Year 2019 2019
IBM San Francisco Fastest Growing Partner Geo Excellence Award 2019 2019

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Our Partners